What can consumers expect from their tissue paper?

What can consumers expect from their tissue paper?

Quite simple things often make life much easier. In people’s everyday lives, comfort and ease combined with responsible choices can greatly influence the quality of life. Our consumer hygiene products have been designed for the whole family and every household. We asked consumers of our products what they expect from the tissue paper they buy.

  • Customer: “I want my toilet paper to be environmentally friendly and sustainably produced.”
  • At Metsä Tissue, we only use high-quality, pure fresh fibre obtained from the wood of northern forests as our main raw material. Our fresh fibre-based products are naturally clean and hygienic, and they are made from responsibly grown wood fibre. The PEFC and FSC certificates testify to sustainable forest management. We systematically monitor the quality and safety of our products, and our fresh fibre-based products are naturally safe, for instance, for food and hygiene use. Our household towels are always suitable for contact with food. We transport large batches of products at a time and avoid overpackaging. We minimize the amount of plastic, for example, by making packaging wraps thinner, while ensuring hygienic transports.

  • Customer: “I want my toilet paper to be soft, strong and comfortable to use.”
  • Our Katrin toilet paper, for example, is a product that meets these requirements. We aim at the best properties in its production. These properties are achieved with carefully chosen raw materials and an advanced production technology. For example long and flexible fresh fibres attach to each other firmly, leading to a comfortably soft and strong tissue paper as the end result. When the tissue paper is furthermore converted into toilet paper rolls so that an embossing pattern providing extraordinary softness is added, the best possible end result is reached in terms of softness and strength, ensuring comfortable use.

  • Customer: “I do not want my toilet paper to be hugely expensive, but it should still be of high quality.”
  • For us at Metsä Tissue, it is important that our products are competitive in terms of both price and quality. They should be affordable to all consumers. Because of this, we have worked hard on both our selection design and production to reach maximum efficiency. However, we never compromise quality, so all our products represent high quality in the usage group for which they have been designed.

  • Customer: “How can I be sure that the tissue paper I use is safe?”
  • Good indicators of safety include the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the EU Flower Ecolabel and the glass and fork symbol. The packaging may also include an asthma and allergy label. The glass and fork symbol indicates that the product is suitable for short-term contact with food, such as wiping. At Metsä Tissue, we make sure that our products are safe for contact with food during the product design phase: all raw materials must be approved for this kind of use. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the EU Flower Ecolabel and the asthma and allergy label indicate that the product does not contain any substances that could be harmful to people or the environment. The presence of the labels on the package also indicates that the product has been tested and found to be suitable for its purpose, the mill that produced it observes best production practices and every package purchased by consumers contains products of consistent quality. A product made locally by a well-known and reliable producer is also a good sign of safety, and it is easy to contact the producer if necessary.