We take care of Nature and Nature takes care of us

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We take care of Nature and Nature takes care of us

Many consumers are seeking a more sustainable lifestyle for the benefit of the environment, climate and humanity. At Metsä Tissue, we want to help consumers achieve this goal. Even small, everyday actions and choices matter, and the choice of a tissue paper product can itself be one step towards a more sustainable future.

The main raw material in Metsä Tissue’s products is wood fibre of known origin from sustainably managed Northern forests. Toilet paper is made from both fresh fibres and recycled fibres. The production of tissue paper from fresh fibre is part of resource-efficient use of wood.

Metsä Tissue’s Lambi product is one example of how Metsä Tissue takes care of nature and delivers sustainable softness, through our unique value chain. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and our new Lambi green packs contain up to 50% recycled plastic.

Softness, hygiene and purity are key requirements for hygiene tissues. Fresh fibre is an excellent raw material to provide these attributes in an environmentally efficient way. Lambi is made 100% of sustainable fresh fibres. We can trace 100% of our fibres back to their source. Almost 90% of Metsä Group’s wood is certified – whilst less than 10% of the world’s forests are.

Our value chain enables good availability of the fresh fibre raw material, resulting in a good product availability for our customers. We manufacture our products close to our markets and customers to reduce the need of long transports.

For Metsä Tissue, sustainability is a commitment to a bigger purpose, taking care of Nature whilst ensuring natural softness for all of us, today and for generations to come.

To see how our products take care of nature, watch our Lambi video here.