Katrin hand towels promote good hand hygiene

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Good hand hygiene includes washing and drying your hands. Katrin hand towels are a hygienic and responsible choice. The products are manufactured in line with strict quality requirements in an environmentally sound manner. 

Good hand hygiene prevents viruses and bacteria from spreading. Most infections spread through hand contact – that is, when we shake hands with someone or touch door handles or other objects. In other words, ensuring good hand hygiene means caring about your own and others’ health and well-being.

Katrin enables hand hygiene in public toilet facilities. To wash your hands thoroughly, you need warm water and soap, and you need to rub your hands together for approximately 20 seconds. Then you need to dry your hands using high-quality paper towels – research shows that this is the most hygienic and preferred way to dry the hands in public toilet facilities.

Katrin hand towels are a responsible choice in terms of hygiene and the environment. Their key raw material is wood fibre, and we always know the origin of the wood fibre we use. We minimise our products’ environmental impacts throughout their life cycles. Katrin hand towels bear the Nordic Ecolabel, also known as the Swan label, and the EU Ecolabel, or the EU Flower. Katrin hand towels are also safe for use with food products. 

Hygiene is about caring. Katrin products are an easy, economic and sustainable way to ensure hand hygiene in public toilet facilities.

Avoid influenza with good hand hygiene. About 80% of the most common infectious diseases are spread through the hands. A paper towel is the most hygienic way to dry your hands.

Text: Tiia Tylli-Aliranta
Photos: Metsä Tissue