Everybody deserves good hygiene 

Everybody deserves good hygiene 

Did you know that there will be 50% less bacteria on your hands if they are dried on a paper towel after washing them*. Using paper hand towels as part of hand hygiene is also advised by WHO. We can offer paper solutions that enable you to carry out this simple task in a hygienic, sustainable and efficient way. 

The move towards a more sustainable future doesn't happen just by accident. We  work for it and we can help you to do the same. Our mission is to maximize hygiene in public places like washrooms and workplaces, and to help to keep good hygiene at home as well, and do this with sustainability as a priority.

How to improve hygiene in public washrooms? 

Hygiene is important everywhere and poor hygiene can be disastrous. Public opinion towards better hand hygiene has increased dramatically and hand sanitizers, soap and paper towels are seen as more important than ever for our daily safety. In the post-pandemic world, good hygiene is ever more important. To continue our global way of life, we must take hygiene seriously. 

To get more insight of our end user behavior we recently conducted a study, that was carried out in 7 countries, with  3001 respondents, by an external market research company. 

But the study results were not okay, not at all! Why?
  • In Europe only 77% wash their hands after visiting the toilet! So, there is still a lot to be done to get people to wash their hands after toilet visits – and after other everyday actions
  • 75% prefer to dry their hands with paper towels. 
Of those who washed their hands:
  • 87% use soap in the toilet
  • 83% use warm water
When we consider that 80% of all infections are spread via hands we have still a long way to go to maximize hygiene in public toilets alone.

There are 3 simple ways to improve hygiene at home, in public places and at work

1. Wash hands

It’s important to eliminate the contamination of bacteria and viruses both in and out of your home. One easy to follow instruction is to wash your hands, use soap and dry hands properly with paper towels, whenever you leave or enter your home. 

2. Use paper

Studies have proven that viruses and bacteria can also be spread by air. Using paper hand towels instead of air dryers in public washrooms helps to limit the spread of bacteria Hand drying with single-use towels is the least likely way to spread viruses according to European Tissue Symposium.

3. Protect others

When visiting places away from your home, good advice is to keep your distance from others and if you have to cough or sneeze, do it into a paper towel, which you can dispose of right after, to protect others. This is why it’s a good idea to always carry a few pieces of paper with you, to cover your mouth or to touch frequently touched surfaces.

Katrin is one of the most well-known professional tissue brands in Europe. To be able to help our customers in the best possible way, we are constantly attentive to the user needs and to the developments in the world. The world of hygiene is changing. We have to change too and we invite you to change with us - we can do this together.

* European tissue symposium/University of Westminster London 2010
* WHO 2016