Sustainable paper products


Metsä Tissue is committed to sustainability, high standards of business ethics and integrity as reflected in Metsä Group Sustainability Principles and Code of Conduct. We have a strict policy to use only materials of known origin that meet or exceed the current legislative requirements.

Sustainable raw materials

Wood fibre, either fresh or recycled, is Metsä Tissue’s most important raw material. We buy our fresh wood fibre from suppliers in the form of pulp. Our recycled wood fibre, by contrast, is processed from recovered paper at our own de-inking plants.

Smart processes ensuring sustainable operations

Metsä Tissue reduces the environmental impacts of its production by reducing the total amount of energy consumed, by increasing the use of non-fossil fuels and by using environmentally sound energy sources such as biomass and production waste. All aspects of the production process are monitored closely, from fibres to packaging.

We minimise effluents by reducing the amount of water used in the production process and by improving biological effluent treatment processes. Currently, all our de-inking sludge is utilised in applications such as energy production, landfill site construction, road improvement and as a raw material in brick making and the construction industry.

Efficient supply chain management is one of the cornerstones of our business strategy. Our mills are located close to our raw materials, consumers and partners, thus minimising the need for transportation. We favour railways and waterways and work only with transport companies that are either ISO certified or at an advanced stage in the certification process.

Biodegradable products

Our tissue and greaseproof paper products are biodegradable and easily disposable. This means that after using them, you can compost or recycle them or burn them for energy. And all our packaging – which is essential to keep our products safe and hygienic – is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.