Leaving a smaller footprint

Leaving a smaller environmental footprint

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Metsä Tissue reduces the environmental impacts of its production by reducing the total amount of energy consumed, by increasing the use of non-fossil fuels and by using environmentally sound energy sources such as biomass and production waste.

We minimise effluents by reducing the amount of water used in the production process and by improving biological effluent treatment processes. Instead of disposing of de-inking sludge at landfills, we actively seek alternative uses for production waste. Currently, all our de-inking sludge is utilised in applications such as energy production, landfill site construction, road improvement and as a raw material in brick making and the construction industry. We actively support the efficient use of waste.

Efficient supply chain management is one of the cornerstones of our business strategy. Our mills are located close to our raw materials, consumers and partners, thus minimising the need for transportation. We favour railways and waterways and work only with transport companies that are either ISO certified or at an advanced stage in the certification process.

Metsä Tissue is an industry forerunner in mitigating climate change and minimizing its environmental footprint.