SAGA Cook & Chill

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SAGA - significantly reducing food waste

Food waste has a bigger environmental impact than food packaging. Using SAGA Cook & Chill cooking paper may reduce food spill in kitchen even by 100 percent. At the same time, using the paper in institutional kitchen saves money and makes the daily work in kitchen much easier in many ways.

SAGA Cook and Chill cooking paper has been designed for cook & chill processes in institutional kitchens. Tested in authentic environments, SAGA Cook & Chill promises to start its own small green revolution by offering an easy and highly cost effective way to develop the operation in an institutional kitchen: this handy innovation both saves money and makes daily work much easier.

Durable cooking paper for cook and chill process

With the cook & chill process, food is prepared, cooked, cooled, transported, re-heated and served in large gastronorm (GN) pans. In institutional settings, the number of meals prepared per day runs into the hundreds or even thousands – and the costs, too, are calculated on a bulk scale.

In such settings, SAGA Cook & Chill Paper offers a number of special advantages. First of all, it achieves major savings by reducing spillage when food is served. Lining dishes with GN-sized SAGA Cook & Chill prevents the food around the edges from burning. The entire portion is thus consumed by the diners instead of being thrown away as waste. Practical tests confirm that the total food spill using SAGA Cook & Chill is only half that of conventional paper-less processes.

The paper also saves labour and time by making dishwashing easier. You get away with less scrubbing and soaking, as the food does not stick to the pan.

All these savings and efficiency enhancements contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the entire process.

SAGA Cook & Chill paper is easy to use. The same sheet of paper can be used throughout the entire process from preparation through to service. The main advantage over other baking and cooking papers is that SAGA Cook & Chill is hard-wearing: the paper retains moisture up to 48 hours, and lasts the whole distance of the cooking and serving processes. It won’t tear when serving, but stays where it should – in the pan.



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