Wood fibre and recycled paper - Renewable, recyclable and sustainable raw materials

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Wood fibre

Metsä Tissue has a strict policy to use only materials of known origin that meet or exceed the current legislative requirements.

Wood fibre, either fresh or recycled, is Metsä Tissue’s most important raw material. We buy our fresh wood fibre from suppliers in the form of pulp. Our recycled wood fibre, by contrast, is processed from recovered paper at our own de-inking plants.

We are committed to using fresh wood fibre sourced only from sustainably managed forests, where economic, social and environmental impacts are weighed up carefully. We are also dedicated to promoting reliable forest certification systems which are based on independent third-party verification and are tailored for local conditions.

Sustainable forest management guarantees the preservation of forest biodiversity and the steady production of wood raw material, which benefits both the forest owner and the industry.

We cooperate only with pulp suppliers that can verify the origins of their wood fibre. In other words, they must be able to prove that the fibre comes from sustainably managed and responsibly procured commercial forests and not from protected areas or illegal sources. In selecting our pulp suppliers, We also favour those who hold valid FSC® or PEFC™ certificationare and/or the criteria of the Nordic Ecolabel and the EU Flower Ecolabel. 

Recycled paper 

We purchase recycled paper from various suppliers around Europe. These suppliers are selected according to our own audit process which covers various criteria for social and environmental responsibility and quality management.

We actively promote recycling and encourage consumers to join in our common effort to ensure the most ecological use of wood fibre through efficient paper recovery. We are co-owners in the Finnish company Paperinkeräys Oy, which provides recycling and environmental services as well as buys, processes and sells recovered paper and board. Metsä Tissue is also a co-owner of Pappersåtervinnings AB in Sweden, which is a wholesaler of recovered paper.

Other raw materials

Safe for you and the environment Metsä Tissue uses chemicals to improve the efficiency of its manufacturing processes. One example is the soap used during the de-inking of recovered paper. We also use chemicals to achieve certain desired qualities in the end product. The most important of these are wet-strength adhesive, which gives paper towels their requisite strength, and silicon, which gives greaseproof  papers their non-stick surface. 

All the chemicals used in our products and production processes are safe for people and the environment. They fulfil the environmental criteria of the Nordic Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabels. The chemicals used in our greaseproof paper products also fulfil the criteria issued for food contact materials, including those set forth by Germany’s BfR  (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) and USA’s FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

We purchase chemicals only from suppliers that conduct their business in a responsible way, manage their corporate responsibility activities systematically, and share their data on products and performance openly and reliably. We hold regular discussions with them to verify their REACH(* preregistration and registration status.

Our mill personnel are trained for handling chemicals in a safe and proper way.

*) REACH is a new European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use. It deals with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances.