Metsä Tissue's baking & cooking papers safe to use



Metsä Tissue's baking & cooking papers contain no fluoro compounds

The use of fluoro chemicals in food contact papers has raised attention in public. Metsä Tissue’s baking and cooking paper products do not contain any fluoro compounds, and fluoro chemicals are not used in our paper production.


“In Metsä Tissue we take product safety very seriously. All aspects of the production process are monitored closely, from fibres to packaging, and SAGA baking and cooking products are tested in many ways. A detailed management system ensures that the products are hygienic throughout the production, packaging and transportation stages”, says Katrin Bunner, VP Product Development and marketing from Metsä Tissue, Baking & Cooking. “We know the origin of the pulp that we use as the raw material in our products, and can confirm that our baking & cooking papers contain no fluoro chemicals or compunds. This has been tested and proven also by an external research institute Eurofins. SAGA is always a safe, high-quality choice.“


Metsä Tissue operates always sustainably. All of our baking & cooking paper products are biodegradable and compostable. Their main raw material is renewable wood from sustainably managed northern forests. Sustainability also means that we help our customers achieve their own sustainability targets. For example, our baking and cooking papers significantly reduce food waste in professional kitchens.


SAGA products have several certifications that show that our products are safe and reliable to use. Certifications are proof that products meet the requirements set by legislation, for example. The certificates are granted by a third party who also evaluates, tests or audits the compliance of the products.