Katrin professional tissue papers

Professional tissue papers

Feel at home - everywhere

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Feel at home - everywhere

We want to build a world where you can always feel at home, even when you’re away from home. By helping you keep your surroundings clean, fresh and well looked after, we want to show you that we are genuinely interested in your comfort and safety.

Our Katrin brand brings wellbeing and functionality to public washrooms, hotels, schools, restaurants, industrial workplaces and healthcare environments. The Katrin range includes tissue hygiene products, professional paper towels, hand towel rolls, bathroom tissues, facial tissue, professional wipes as well as paper towel dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, soaps and accessories. Ease of purchase, use, refill and maintenance are top priorities. To make the offering even more complete Katrin also provides a comprehensive range of tissue napkins in classic as well as trendy colors coming in different sizes, foldings (e.g. C fold towels) and qualities.

Our customers and partners gain cumulative benefits with Katrin: we ensure that environmental, social and economic impacts are in perfect balance. Our smart dispensers optimise paper consumption, helping to save both costs and the environment. A high-quality washroom adds customer loyalty, motivates employees, prevents infections and is appreciated by everyone from school students to hospital patients.

Our Katrin people and products are always at hand, making your decision-making easier and leaving fewer things to worry about.