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Softness matters

It is often the simple things that make life a whole lot easier. In our everyday lives, comfort and ease combined with responsible choices can make a big difference to our quality of life. Our consumer hygiene products are designed for the whole family, and for every household. We offer a full range of toilet papers, household paper towels, handkerchiefs, facial tissues and napkins for various needs. They are designed to be used anywhere that cleanliness and comfort are a priority.

European consumers of all ages recognise our consumer brands Lambi, Serla, Mola and Tento. Our brand families comprise both pure fresh fibre products and products made of recycled fibre, products for price-conscious consumers and also for shoppers who appreciate a touch of luxury. Metsä Tissue is also a notable supplier of tissue paper products tailored for our customers’ own brand labels.

All our products are produced in an environmentally sound way, representing values such as reliability, safety and respect for nature.

Toilet papers

Toilet paper

Adding comfort for each day

It’s often the little things that make all the difference. Metsä Tissue’s toilet papers do just that: they add comfort and convenience to everyday life.

Every household is different, and so are our products. Metsä Tissue makes many of the tissue brands you are probably already familiar with: Lambi, Serla, Mola and Tento.We offer tissue products for consumers who follow the newest trends in personal care and lifestyle, and also for buyers looking for fit-for-purpose products. Our selection comprises a widevariety of package sizes, colours, decorations, fragrances and embossings.

Our products are made of fresh fibre, recycled fibre or a mixture of the two. The wood used for fresh fibre pulp originates from sustainably managed forests, and no chlorine is used for bleaching the pulp.

Metsä Tissue also engages in innovative concept development for customer brands. All our products are manufactured with the greatest respect for the environment, ensuring that their use is safe and reliable.

Tissue paper towels

Tissue paper towels

Helping you manage your home

Metsä Tissue offers a diverse and growing range of products to increase hygiene and comfort in your household. Our strong brands - Lambi, Serla, Mola and Tento - offer household towels with superior performance when it comes to absorbency, strength, functionality and design.

Our Serla Cleaning paper Towel offers the most convenient way to handle cleaning tasks in and around the home. Its strong, lint-free material collects dust and polishes your kitchen, bathroom and other surfaces easily and effectively.

Metsä Tissue also offers innovative household towel concepts for retail customers. All our products are economical, safe and environmentally sound. The household paper towel range consists of fresh fibre products and recycled products. The environment is taken into account throughout the whole life cycle of all our products.

Handkerchiefs and facial tissues

Handkerchiefs and facial tissues

Caring softness – every day

Hygienic, safe, soft and disposable, our tissues gently pamper your skin. They bring comfort not only at home, but everywhere you go. Thanks to their handy package sizes for various needs and occasions, they fit perfectly in your pocket, handbag or in the children’s school bags.

Our well-known brands Lambi, Serla, Mola and Tento assure you the best combination of softness, thickness and strength. Choose from an assortment of white and coloured handkerchiefs and products with added balsam or fragrances. All are safe and sustainably managed.

Metsä Tissue also produces handkerchiefs and facial tissues as innovative concepts tailored for our customer brands. Our handkerchief and facial tissue range comprises 100% pure fresh fibre products, recovered fibre products and combinations of these raw materials.