Sustainability in Metsä Tissue: Setting the benchmark

We are committed to conducting our business in a responsible manner and taking into account the social, environmental and economic impacts of our actions.

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Our objective is to contribute to people’s wellbeing through our products and practices. We strive to minimise the environmental impacts of our operations and products throughout their life cycle, from sourcing of raw materials to production and consumption right through to their disposal. We do this in co-operation with our suppliers, customers, business partners and consumers.

Metsä Group is committed to promoting sustainable development, to continuously improving its operations and to conducting its business in a responsible way. Environmental care is an integral part of corporate responsibility and sustainable development. Metsä Group has integrated environmental management into its entire range of business activities. Familiarize yourself with our Environmental Policy


Work in local communities

Work in local communities

​We understand the impact we have on the surrounding communities in which we operate, and we respect their diversity. For us, corporate responsibility means that we pay attention to what our stakeholders expect from us and that we are open to dialogue.

Our ten production units are involved in various kinds of local cooperation with schools, decision makers, the media, forest owners, politicians and authorities.


Zero accident culture

Zero accident culture

The health and safety of our personnel is our priority, and we take systematic actions to promote welfare in all units. Being part of the Metsä Group, safety at work is managed and monitored Group-wide, and we have a system for monitoring accidents, occupational disease and absenteeism.

Zero accident culture is actively promoted at all our mills. Even minor accidents and near misses are reported and analysed to prevent the future occurrence of any severe accidents.


Tracing every step of the way

Frozen spruce

​We make it a strict policy to use only materials of known origin that meet or exceed the current legislative requirements. This way we manage hygiene and product safety throughout the entire supply chain from product development through to production and distribution.

All our mills that manufacture food contact materials such as greaseproof papers and napkins are certified with either an ISO 22000 or BRC food safety management system.


Metsä Tissue is part of Metsä Group

Metsä Tissue monitors and reports regularly on the social, environmental and economic impacts of its actions. All data related to Corporate Responsibility can be found in Metsä Group’s Annual Report.