Forest recreation
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We bring forest to you

Metsä Tissue’s strategy focuses on fresh fibres from sustainably managed Northern forests.

Metsä Tissue's purpose is to advance bio and circular economies by producing high-quality tissue paper products.  Metsä Tissue produces tissues from both fresh fibres and recycled fibres, the main raw material being fresh fibres from sustainably managed Northern forests. Here you can read more of the 2030 targets Metsä Group has set for the sustainable forestry.

We believe that the use of fresh fibres with modern technology is the best hygiene solution for the future. 
There are clear benefits in making hygiene tissues from fresh fibres: fresh fibre production requires less water & energy and generates less waste than recycled paper production. Fresh fibres are also a great fit for hygiene products as they secure optimal product safety. 

When using fresh fibres for tissue manufacturing, we act sustainably across the whole value chain, starting all the way from the forests. In Metsä Group's unique value chain the sustainable forest management practices secure the long term availability of the renewable and responsible wood raw material - meaning that the forests are growing more than they are being used. On Metsä Group level we have ambitious targets to safeguard biodiversity of the forests where we harvest the wood we use in our operations. For example, high biodiversity stumps are left to forests when harvesting to provide homes for birds.  Read more about biodiversity on Metsä Group's website.

Fresh fibres as our main raw material

Metsä Tissue is committed to using fresh fibre originating from sustainably managed Northern forests, where economic, social and environmental issues are balanced and integrated. Our main raw material and key focus is high quality fresh fibre. At the moment, we use fresh fibres in approximately 50 percent of our tissue paper products. 

Metsä Tissue promotes forest certification systems, such as PEFC* and FSC®* that are based on independent third-party verification. All of the company’s primary fresh fibre suppliers are chain-of-custody certified. In 2020 91 per cent of our fibres were either PEFC* or FSC®*certified, and all of them are traceable to sustainable sources.

Recycled fibre

We use recycled fibre whenever it is suitable considering the quality and product safety requirements of the final product. 

In the digitalizing world, the availability and quality of recycled fibres is constantly declining, making the processing of this raw material into hygiene tissue paper products increasingly challenging. We also believe, that in the long run the recycled papers are more suitable for non-hygiene end uses and should be channeled to uses where they will tie carbon for longer, replace fossil materials and where quality requirements are lower, such as inner layers of non-food packaging and biobased insulating materials. 

The raw material used for recycled paper production is sourced as close as possible to our mills to reduce the environmental impact of transports. A great majority of the recovered paper we use is post-consumer waste, and we support the collection of used paper and board products. The availability and quality of recycled fibres is continuously declining due to digitalization and we at Metsä Tissue foresee the tissue fibre balance to move increasingly towards fresh fibres in the future.