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Sustainability objectives 2030  

Metsä Tissue has formulated it’s sustainability targets for 2030 and these targets are integrated in our strategy. The objectives guide the development and management of our operations and support the mitigation of climate change. Objectives have also been set for the continuous development of operational ethics and safety. 

Metsä Tissue’s sustainability targets are divided into four areas: “We bring the forest to you” describes targets related to sustainable forest management and usage, and they are followed on Metsä Group level, “We work for a better climate and environment” aim to improve the sustainability of our  production, “We create wellbeing” targets relate to ethics and safety, and “We offer sustainable choices” guide our path to sustainable operations, logistics and offering. 

In 2020, Metsä Tissue was awarded the highest Platinum level rating in sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility assessment by EcoVadis. Overall Metsä Tissue is in the top 1% of companies assessed by EcoVadis in the manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard (n=305).